CO2GeoNet at COP25

Published time: 02 December, 2019 12:00




CO2GeoNet and the Taiwan CO2 Capture Storage and Utilisation Association (TCCSUA) hosted an official exhibit (booth) at COP25. The exhibit attracted a lot of visitors to learn more about the role for CO2 storage in meeting climate targets and the science supporting CO2 storage as a safe, long term emission reduction technology. The rock samples of reservoir and cap rock, plus the ‘reservoir in a jar’ representing a magnified view of a reservoir rock (used to explain fluid migration and trapping) were a big hit!




CO2GeoNet also presented at a side event in the Green Zone ‘Quarries & Mines for Climate’. The theme of the event was to present how industry can contribute effectively to the fight against climate change in order to achieve a carbon neutral and weather resilient planet by 2050. CO2GeoNet explained how CO2 Capture and Storage can help industry to reduce their emissions with an overall positive response from the audience who asked a lot of questions about how CO2 storage works.




CO2GeoNet, with Carnegie Climate Initiative and ImplementaSur, hosted a side event in the EU Pavilion on 11 December titled 'Pathways to a sustainable future; governance of CO2 removal & mitigation strategies for industry'. This event set out the need for rapid action and deep decarbonisation in order to meet climate targets. The session featured high-level speakers from the Chilean delegation, IPCC and Norwegian delegation plus experts from the New Climate Institute and Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative. The event attracted a lot of questions from the audience on the role for CCS in meeting our climate targets and national strategies to support a just transition to a sustainable future.

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