11th World Conference of Scientific Journalists

Lausanne, Switzerland (1st to 5th July 2019)
Published time: 02 September, 2019 12:00

During the first week of July, CO2GeoNet together with the H2020 ENOS project participated in the 11th Would Conference of Scientific Journalists (WCSJ) held this year in Lausanne (Switzerland).This biannual event, attended by more than 1000 journalists, aims to foster quality science journalism. For CO2GeoNet, interaction with the media is regarded as a major channel for effective dissemination to the general public and an important way of supporting the implementation of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS), an activity framed within the ENOS project.

The CO2GeoNet organized a booth where representatives from BGS, IGME, GEUS and UNIROMA were onhand to provide explanations and dissemination material about CCS and ENOS. Our main target was to initiate journalists and science communicators on CCS. To promote face-to-face exchange, “coffee & cake” event was organized with high audience participation. Following the recommendations of the participants at the Journalist workshop in Venice last year, key messages were defined (simple, easy understandable) and summarized in a poster.


The number of visitors during the conference was approximately 100 and half of them signed up for our newsletters showing special interests in following ENOS and CO2GeoNet.


Booth at WCSJ, Lausanne



“Coffee & cake” event on WCSJ